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Our process involves substantial communication with you to understand your company, your product and service offering, and your insights about your target audience. We then take those insights and build a website that’s going to help you get real results.

We need to help understand how you operate as a business. We talk about what you are doing and what you’ve done in the past in all phases of web design, web development, and digital marketing. Typical questions may include: what’s your current marketing funnel? What’s your target demo? How well is your current brand being perceived by your users and customers?

This is the stage where we, together, lay a foundation that allows Auxano Digital to design, develop, and engage your audience in the most effective way.

Once we’ve gathered enough information about your business, customers, and preferences we take that and begin to design websites, landing pages, and branding that is optimized to connect with your audience.

This stage is the most critical in terms of communication. Expect a fast and efficient iteration cycle where we build mockups and iterate based upon your feedback until we find that perfect fit. 

With our mockups and designs in hand we get to work. We create your website and landing pages, set up your hosting, and begin to create an experience for your customers and users that will make an impact.

You may not need to hear from us much during this phase but we are always an email or call away if you need us.

We create staging sites where we can share our work with you. We test your website and ensure that it functions on all browsers and device types.

The project is almost complete and we are counting down the days until launch.

Launch! This is the part we love. Your website is shown to the world and live on the internet. The data starts trickling in and we start seeing the response, impact, and conversions. Analytics are being recorded and reports are being made.

The project may be over but your relationship with Auxano Digital doesn’t have to be.
We handle hosting issues, website issues, analytics, and marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales to your website and social media accounts if you purchased the ongoing package. Simply email support@auxanodigital.com and we take care of it.

Your success story in the making.

Your success is our success. It's why we do what we do.

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