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Our Brand


Origin: Greek

Definition: to grow or increase

A question we get asked a lot is: “What does Auxano mean”? Auxano is, in fact, the greek word for growth. It’s probably clear by now that we’re all about growth. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple: We help you grow. Whether you are a family-owned small business, a marketing manager at medium-sized company, or an executive at a multi-million dollar company. The vision is the same. We’re going to help you grow.

Our purpose

We love doing what we do because we get to watch you succeed. Our favorites moments as a company are when we get a call from a client who ecstatically tells us their revenue, their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs, don’t worry we’ll walk you through these!), or their customer interaction and satisfaction is way up year-over-year.


Who's in charge here?

Trevor Neely

Founder + Creator

After graduating from the University of Florida 🐊 with degrees in Economics and Business, Trevor went on to work for a tech startup based in New York City handling product and influencing user engagement, collaborating with development and content teams. There he picked up a passion for combining the technical side of coding with the art of marketing and design. For the past few years he has been successfully working with brands all over North America to define and optimize their digital strategy.

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